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  • Help motivate your child, student or dependent to be their best
  • Keep extensive records and generate reports
  • Get the information you need based on research and best practice
  • Use tools that are innovative and effective
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At loveandencourage.com you will use Online Tools and Resources for Child Behavior Improvement and be part of a Powerful, Effective and Proven Resource to Help Improve the Positive Behavior of Your Child, dependent,  or the Performance of Your Students.

loveandencourage.com uses a "warm" token economy that incorporates user customizable videos, photos, and graphics to help motivate children and dependents to improve. Teachers can use loveandencourage.com instead of charts or a token economy for student behavior and student behavior contracts. Parents as teachers of their children can help reduce child behavior problems using positive parenting.

You are a member of a Positive Motivational Program for Children and ADHD Students providing a Set of Tools, a Collection of Online Resources, News, and a Community Focused on Improving a Child or Students Behavior.

You are part of a Dedicated Community for Parents, Teachers, Caregivers and Professionals to Help Improve a Child or Dependents Behavior. A Community forum for teacher, parents, and caregiver.

There is strong evidence that Postive Behavior Reinforcement is effective with children and adults who have developmental disabilities.

Overwhelming evidence from research and case studies shows that Positive Behavior Reinforcement for ADHD and Attention Deficient Disorder Children is the only scientifically verified treatment for ADHD other than medication.  

Join Our Community of Parents and Professionals Dedicated to Improving a Child Behavior Through Positive Reinforcement. Create Behavior Programs called Daisies for Child Behavior Modification.

Daisies Are a Positive Reinforcement Tool for Teachers and Parents to Help Children Achieve Goals though a fun and motivating program.

Standard Accounts for Individual and Families provides an very inexpensive program for as little as 5 dollars and ninty five cents per child that can meet your needs for providing a motivational program. Enterprise Accounts for Schools can provide the flexibility and administrative levels that make it easy to implement loveandencourage.com in a district setting. See Love and Encourage Pricing Matrix for pricing details.

Also Love and Encourage Free Trial is a 7 day money back guarantee to you that you too will be encouraged after using loveandencourage.com with your children. Sign up today!