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Standard or Enterprise?

You need to determine the type of account you will open with Loveandencourage.com. In most cases an individual or family will be interested in a Standard Account, which is provides access to all of our services. If you are a part of a school, organization or institution which will have multiple teachers or caregivers working with many children, students or dependants then you will be interested in an Enterprise Account.

Standard Accounts: Families 

$5.95 per child

A Standard Accounts are typically used by individuals, parents, or one teacher who will be working with a small number of children. A Standard Account allows access to all of content and tools provided by loveandencourage.com. With a Standard Account you can:

  • Create "Daisies" for your child, student or dependant or others.
  • You can search for public daisies or groups to join your child, student or dependant to.
  • Monitor your child, student or dependant's progress on a daily basis.
  • Gain access to the latest behavioral research in the Lovenadencourage.com library.
  • Learn valuable skills to help you help your child, student or dependant be their best.
  • Coordinate learning though public "Daisies"
  • Participate in the loveandencourage.com discussion forum message boards where you can interact with other parents, teachers and professionals.
  • Much, much more.
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Enterprise Accounts: School Districts

Enterprise Accounts are tailored towards organizations with many teachers or caregivers who will be working with several children, students or dependants such as an entire school district. Enterprise accounts provide all of the capabilities of Standard Accounts, but allow administrators to give access to an unlimited number of additional parents or teachers. Each teacher can be assigned a number of children they can manage themselves.

Open an Enterprise Account