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Case Studies

The following are case examples of a parent, teacher, and caregiver.


I am a parent of an eight year old who was recently diagnosed with Attention Deficient Disorder and who has other developmental disabilities. I use loveandencourage.com as a resource tool with their research library and a communication tool in the forums. I look for interesting Daisies that I might copy, get ideas from, or have my son join as a way to provide an incentive to help him get a jump start on new behaviors I want him to learn. I don't overuse Daisies because I want to keep them novel and fresh. I sometimes wait for him to ask me to join him with a Daisy and sometimes I ask him if he is ready to join a Daisy maybe with many other children who are working as hard as he is. I make sure to be positive and watch any of my own negative thoughts that might get in the way of him succeeding. I look at what he can do and not what he didn't do. loveandencourage.com helps me to view my child differently than I did before.


I am a teacher in a special education classroom. I need an incentive tool that can help my students perform academically and behaviorally. I need a tool that can help me document the behaviors of my students and I need something that works. I found all that and more with loveandencourage.com. I have had fun with my students competing with other classrooms around the world. It has opened a new way for my students to see the goals they have met and prepare them for successful classroom behaviors in the future. The parents of my students like the incentive programs I have used. I can even, in partnership with parents, set up incentive programs for students to use at home with their parents. That way everyone is on the same page. I enjoy the forums being able to communicate with other teachers around the world who are also using loveandencourage.com. Sometimes I develop a Daisy for a teacher I know to join with her students. It's new and exciting.


I am a caregiver in a foster home. I need to have an incentive tool that works to help my foster children learn new positive behaviors and a way for me to keep records of their behaviors. I like to read the forums and find new information in the "Library/Research" section of loveandencourage.com. I have found a loveandencourage.com mentor who helps me learn how to make Daisies and find others who can help me.