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How it Works

LoveAndEncourage.com (LandE) is a set of tools, a collection of online resources, and a community whose sole focus is to improve a child or dependents behavior.

For Parents, Teachers or Caregivers

Ever dream of setting up an incentive system for improving a child's or dependents behavior that was:

  • Assessable by you and your child, student, or dependent where ever you have access to the internet.
  • Parents and teachers can create Daisies that even allow other children all over the world to join them. See an example of a teacher making a Daisy to help promote studying spelling here.
  • You can set up an incentive system for just one child that is so personalized for the child that you can insert a picture of the child's favorite pet, friend, or put a home video that captures their attention. See example here
  • You can set up pro-social computer games to appear if a child has met a goal. You can set it to appear every day as long as the child meets some minimum goal. You pick the game.
  • Allowed you to set up groups of children, students, or dependents that compete for fun combining or averaging their scores with other groups or classrooms anywhere in the world. See example of a teacher's creation at
  • Video tape behaviors you want a child to perform and include them in your incentive system for the child to select if they have performed them or not.
  • Communicate and get support from other parents, teachers and professionals who are working to improve their child's behavior
  • Be able to copy incentive systems from a list that ranks according to effectiveness and popularity. You even get to take any one of these systems for a test drive before you set it up for your child or children. It couldn't be easier.
  • Get the most reliable information based on the best research from sources you can trust.
  • Original music "You're doing great" from Steve Adams bassist from ALO on Brushfire Records, Jack Johnson's record label used for announcing goals met for children and dependents.
  • Be a part of an on-line community that is working together to provide for their children. Communicate and find out information from others.
  • Feel safe that the whole system is set up for the safety of your child. There is no way for your child to be contacted or identified by anyone except for you. Strict guidelines from the US government's policies are strictly adhered to.
  • You could view or print out detailed behavior reports
  • No advertising, no sponsors, only the accurate and unbiased information for you to make your decisions about your child.

You can! All this and much more than you dreamed of. And you can have it today. Join others around the world in our commitment to our children, students, and dependents. Sign up with loveandencourage.com for a fun, unique, and effective experience to help motivate your children to be their best!

For Children, Students or Dependants

Imagine your parents or teachers helping you to learn a positive behavior by using a method that is both fun and exciting. You have a chance to earn your way to a goal alone or with a group of other children or students. You have a chance to show you can make it to your goals. Those you love and admire see the best in you. This is an opportunity for everyone to win.