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Easy to navigate with numerous features

For Groups and Individuals

For Groups and individual children/dependents.

Easy Billing Control Public Site

You are in control of your billings and usage.

LandE Community Public Site

A community of parents, teachers, caregivers, and researchers whose goal is to improve behaviors.

The Daisy

Incentive programs called Daisies are so novel they are patented. Shown here is one of 14 customizable screens the child views that help to motivate them and track behavior performance. See an example Daisy for motivating a child for spelling here .

Join Copy Easily

You can copy or join Daisies by searching for the one you want based on what you need.

Insert Graphs, Photos, Flash Movies

You can create your own Daisy from start to finish using graphics, photos, even your videos converted to flash video See here .

Creating A Daisy Is Easy

Creating a Daisy is easy and creative. We give you the pallet to create something motivating.

Every Section Is Easy To Understand

If you decide to create a Daisy we make it easy to understand with lots of help.

Library Research Articles You Can Trust

Look to our Library and Research links to find articles you can trust to find helpful information.

Viewing Your Daisies Is Easy

View your Daisies easily, find them by author, group, or individual.

Valuable Help Section

The help section will provide you with the information you need to guide you to find information and help copy, join, or build the best Daisies.